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How can you know if restoration is the right option for you?  If you're building has been around for many years it has probably become a landmark for your community.  Likely many people find comfort in the consistent familiarity of your space.  If you're existing seating is of good quality but the aesthetics need work then restoration is likely a great option for you.  Bracy & Associates will have your furniture in the most pristine condition possible for the age of the furniture. 

Likewise, if your seating is made of materials that structurally cannot handle the restoration process but you do not want to change the overall look of your space, we can restore your space through a process known as redevelopment.  New pews will be custom designed to match the look of your current seating, completely refreshing the look of your space.

Regardless of the option you choose, Bracy & Associates will expertly coordinate the professional removal of your existing seating.  Your seating will be professionally restored using the method that works best for your congregation.  After the restoration process your furniture will be reinstalled by our experienced and professional installation team making your space ready for services for years to come.


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