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Repair or Replace Your Furniture

Assuming that the furniture is still providing your congregation the functionality that’s needed this is a question that often depends on the original level of material and craftsmanship that went into the furniture, but also how the repairs have been handled over the years.

Naturally furniture that was built poorly will be harder and more costly to repair, and like a house of cards if one part fails it can lead to greater failures in other key structural parts. It is for this reason that repairs should be handled by experienced skilled people when problems are first noticed. Poor repairs can destroy even the highest quality furniture.

Did you know that well-built seating will last over 100 years even with continuous use?    (click the picture to see the story) 

This doesn’t mean that they will not need some proper maintenance over the years, but even though they likely cost more originally, that small extra cost is  more than offset by the savings they will provide over the decades they will be in use.

Did you know that many pews and chairs in use today will have to be replaced before they even reach 20 years of use?

Poor construction is expensive.

We are available to meet with your facilities people to evaluate and prepare repair costs so that you can determine if you should Repair or Replace your furniture. With the facts and figures in hand, you can be confident that you are making the best stewardship decisions for the future.