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  • Our customers don't all look the same.
  • They don't all have the same style or order of worship.
  • So naturally the furnishing we provide have to be unique to each congregation.

For example, there is no one piece of furniture that will affect each person's attention and participation more than the seat they are sitting in. Your seating will either help or hinder the efforts of your church's ministry.

We do not provide cookie cutter solutions. We meet with each congregation to discuss their goals, needs, and wants. Only then, do we begin drawing on our experience with thousands of other congregations and the gifts of our team to put together a package of solutions specifically prepared for each customer.

Contact us so we can start a conversation today about how we can help you and congregation.

We can help you by providing the information as you are planning a new project whether it be a new building or a restoration project for your congregation.

Seating and Furniture Repaired

  • Wood Refurbished or Restored
  • Upholstery and Cushions Replaced
  • Custom and Standard Parts

Worship Seating

Worship seating comes in many forms and styles. There are approprate styles for most situations in the form of:

There are pros and cons to each type of seating, and there are a lot of misunderstandings of how these different seating style will function. With over 2000 satisfied customers we can provide you all the information so that you correctly make the selection for your congregation.

Custom Liturgical and Architectual Appointments

A worship furniture package may include many items, such as custom furniture, liturgical appointments, organ cases, and architectual wood work.  These items are most often based on custom designs and individually produced to meet the unique style and function require by each congregation and its staff. 

We will work with you and/or your design professionals to produce these items to your exacting requirements.  "If You Can Imagine It We Can Build It!"